Using cutting-edge Innovative Technology and an Advanced Logistics Platform, Om Sai Worldwide Courier Services can give remarkable Pick-Up and Delivery (PUD Service), extending from the most reduced weight things to palettes of up to 1000 kilograms. The PUD benefit is additionally upgraded by a Proof of Delivery framework which is equipped for observing all bundles through an ongoing on the web track and follow include.

Air Courier Service

This particular service includes shipment of goods through the aeroplane. This mode of transport involves different shipment charges but can be delivered quickly compared to other means of transportation. We have been offering air courier service for more than a decade and satisfied thousands of our clients.

Document & Parcel

In case of any emergency, we ship all kinds of documents, files to the required destination within the required time. Our services are also extended to university express delivery, signature POD delivery, student document delivery, airport to airport documents delivery within India. The price totally depends on the time within the document has to be shipped and the distance of the shipping address.

Excess Baggage

Carrying excess baggage is one of the most tedious things a tourist can face. Many times it can also cause a delay in catching flights/cruise, it also creates a worry of keeping it safe. We offer most reliable and safest excess baggage shipping service, with which your luggage will be delivered to a predefined destination at within time.

Medicine Delivery

The medicines are one among the most essential goods in our life, among the all imported/exported ones. They also need special packing and care and uncontaminated atmosphere while shipping. We offer one of the fastest and best medicine shipping services, taking special care of medicines and reach your medicines at specified destination within time.

Household Items

This service category handles the shipping of clothes, furniture, televisions, paintings, washing machines, electronics goods, interior accessories, hand crafts, etc. The price will again depend on the destination and mode of transportation like Seaway or air.

Commercial Shipment

The transportation of goods or commodities through sea vessels is called commercial shipping. Theses commercial shipping vessels are capable of shipping large quantities of goods that are being shipped for the purpose of commercial trade. We offer safe and reliable commercial shipment services to various countries.

SEA Cargo Service

As the name itself suggests the transport of commodities and good through sea way is sea cargo service, which usually takes more time but cheaper compared to other means of courier services. Our company has years of experience in sea cargo services and offers at the best price.

Express Import Service

The commodities, files or documents and other goods that have to be imported on urgent basis are covered under this service. As the name suggests, express importing is a high priority service, in which the specifies goods are imported to the destination port within a minimum amount of time.

Warehouse Services

Warehousing is available for those companies who have special warehousing needs or storage requirements. Your freight is available for shipment around the clock. Our professional customer service staff is always available for immediate retrieval and preparation for urgent delivery.